Friday, 5 December 2014

Jupiter Resumes Indirect Motion: How Will It Influence Your Life?

Jupiter, the most auspicious planet of the universe, which is also known as the significator, is now travelling through Cancer sign. This planet represents justice and honesty, kindness and helpful attitude. And since the planet is now in its exalted sign, it will generate more energy than any other planet besides Sun. This transit will help to instill faith, trust and help in overcoming fear, deceit, illegitimate and unethical activities in the world. Jupiter entered the Cancer sign on 19 June 2014. However, from 9th December 2014, Jupiter will change its position and begin moving in its retrograde motion. It will continue to move in indirect motion till 8 April 2015. This transit is not considered to be very positive and it reduces the auspicious qualities of Jupiter. As a result, this transit might delay the progress of educational pursuits and legal processes.

1. For Aries Moon sign: Jupiter plays an assertive role, as lord of ‘Bhagya sthan’ and ‘YogaKaraka’ planet, in your horoscope. But due to this transit, you might experience an unfavorable period in your life. You might feel lack of authority in your professional front. During this period extra careful if you are going to strike any deals related to properties.

2. For Taurus Moon sign: Taureans have some good news. Retrograde motion of Jupiter might bring luck and let you live happily in life. Ongoing pressures from every corner of your life might get reduced to give you relief. Relocation is possible during this phase of retrogression of Jupiter for your delight. Take care of your family life and give full attention to your life partner to buy peace of mind.

3. For Gemini Moon sign: This retrograde transit of Jupiter could spell beneficial  for you , as normally Jupiter plays a negative role, as ‘Badhaka’ and ‘Maaraka’ planet, in your zodiac. Indirect motion of Jupiter would incur auspicious qualities to give you assertive results in career life. Tension in your family might get reduced and happiness will increase. Improvement in health matters is also seen with you.

4. Cancer Moon sign: People born under this sign should exercise precaution from disputes and health related issues as Jupiter,   the Lord of the sixth house, is assuming indirect motion to give you tough time ahead. Although, you will have better control in your professional front as compared to the past and it will to boost your morale. However, it is advisable to stay alert about unexpected events on your professional front.

5. Leo natives are advised to be careful about emotional matters as well as financial matters during this phase of indirect motion of Jupiter. Financial matters are to be taken care of properly as transit of Jupiter in the house of expenditure is not at all a good event for you. Respect and reputation will be decreased for no valid reason. Your words and communication may hurt others which might directly affect your position at work. Expenditure on account of health is also a possibility.

6. Virgo Moon sign: This transit could spell beneficial for Virgo natives as normally Jupiter plays a negative role, as ‘Badhaka’ and ‘Maaraka’ planet, in your horoscope. For some people, this transit could bring relief from anxiety and negative situation and offer good space to breathe freely. Flow of income will become regular and might increase to add to your delight.

7. Libra Moon sign: This transit could relieve you from your present situation and offer you a chance to gain more knowledge and experience in life. The results of your hard work done in the recent past will start being visible so introspect on your drawbacks and try your level best to rectify it for better days in your future. Otherwise mental tension will be there due to excess load of work on you.

 8. Scorpio Moon sign: This transit might not be very favourable for you as the beneficial planet Jupiter is assuming retrograde motion for your discomfort. Struggling situation may appear without notice and make you feel uncomfortable. Take care of your well being as uncertainty may grip your mind and drag you towards negativity. Use your free will to divert negative situation and make it assertive one.

9. Sagittarius Moon sign: In career, if you had been facing stiff opposition then relief may come after this change in the zodiac. Colleagues and superiors who were close to you might support and encourage you unexpectedly. You should be ready to accept major role in your workplace and move ahead without hesitation.

 10. Capricorn Moon sign: In career, the difficult period that you have been going through will be over by the virtue of the retrograde motion of Jupiter. You will be blessed with huge growth, power, authority, respect and reputation along with status. All your efforts of the past will prove to be rewarding. Your long time goal will be accomplished. But you should take care of your social reputation to protect your image in the society.

11. Aquarius Moon sign: In career, you need to be more careful and work with efficiency. You might experience opposition a t work and your superiors might not be very cooperative. But do not worry as the transit of your sign lord, Saturn, will show you the way out and let you know how to tackle the situation successfully. Your sharp intuition will guide you accurately to surpass the adversity and move ahead without any fear.,

 12. Pisces Moon sign: The change of motion of exulted Jupiter will restore your lost position, reputation and failures in your career or business front. Favor from luck will come visibly to pull your confidence level up. For all your patience of the past, you are going to get a superior position and huge success in your professional life. Your social reputation and status will increase in family circle. Take care of your physical health during this period as weight gain may cause your discomfort.