Sunday, 22 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Kolkata Knight Riders v/s Sunrisers Hyderabad

Today’s first 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Kolkata and Hyderabad teams at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Team Kolkata is having influence of planet Venus to show a perfect game of cricket to the spectators delight. At present, planet Venus is strongly placed in Her own sign Taurus along with the Sun to assure success for team Kolkata. Captain of Kolkata team Gautam Gambhir is a native of Aries sign and ruler of Aries sign planet Mars is also travelling in retrograde motion through His own sign Scorpio alongwith the Moon and retrograde Saturn to inject aspiration and perfect combination of team work and coordination between his team mates that might help team Kolkata to register win over the opponent team effortlessly. On the other hand, team Hyderabad is governed by planet Mars that is travelling through retrograde motion in the zodiac. Although planet Mars is the significator of energy and enthusiasm, but retrograde motion of Saturn which planet is associating with Mars to slow down the performance of team Hyderabad. Skipper of team Hyderabad David Warner is a native of Cancer Moon sign and in today’s transit the Moon is in debilitated condition to reduce the possibility of winning this match. Association of retrograde Saturn with debilitated Moon is also another negative aspect for team Hyderabad to counter their rival on the pitch. Taking advantage of these issues team Kolkata is expected to snatch victory over their rival team Hyderabad. 


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