Saturday, 21 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Gujarat Lions v/s Mumbai Indians

Today’s second 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Gujarat and Mumbai teams at Green Park, Kanpur. Team Gujarat is seen under the influence of planet Mars which is in association with debilitated Moon and retrograde Saturn that could spoil the show for team Gujarat. Captain of Gujarat team Suresh Raina’s Moon sign is Virgo and the ruler of Virgo sign planet Mercury is also transitting through retrograde motion in the zodiac that could be the negative point for him as well as for his team also to perform up to the mark. The opponent team Mumbai is governed by planet Venus to inspire the entire team to put their best foot forward to defeat the rival team for sure. Planet Venus has just entered into Her own sign Taurus to become more strong and bless Mumbai team with success. Skipper of Mumbai team Rohit Sharma is a native of Taurus sign as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Venus is the ruler of Taurus sign and currently Venus is transitting through Taurus sign only, along with the Sun, to strengthen the moral courage and will power of him as well as his team mates to stay ahead of their rival team in today’s match. As the Sun denotes success and presence of the Sun in Taurus sign might prove to be the key factor for team Mumbai to move forward and win over their rival team Gujarat successfully. 


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