Sunday, 8 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Kolkata Knight Riders v/s Gujarat Lions

Today’s second 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Kolkata and Gujarat teams at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Excellent configuration of planets in the zodiac is indicating an upper hand for Kolkata team to create pressure on the nerves of the players of Gujarat team in today’s cricket match. Mars is influencing team Kolkata and because of retrograde motion became more powerful to give splendid tactics and ample amount of energy among players of team Kolkata. Association of retrograde Saturn with retrograde Mars is giving reinforcement to them to work hard and stay ahead of their rival team. Exultation of the Sun and the Moon today is ensuring victory with no doubt for team Kolkata. Gautam Gambhir is the captain of Kolkata team and his Moon sign is Aries. Transit of exulted Sun through Aries sign is a plus point for him also, to achieve success today. On the other camp, team Gujarat is under influence of planet Venus and combust state of Venus is predicting less possibility for team Gujarat to sustain in front of their opponent’s pressure on the pitch. Skipper of Gujarat team, Suresh Raina is a native of Virgo Moon sign and its lord Mercury planet is also in combustion in transit which is another negative point for team Gujarat and as a result of this, chances of winning is much more strong for team Kolkata today.


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