Friday, 6 May 2016

Life Prediction: Will the BudhAditya Yog favour Jayalalitha in this Election?

Born under rising sign Gemini and Moon sign Leo, Jayalalitha is basically influenced by two planets, Mercury and the Sun. Planet Mercury makes one intelligent, sharp minded, clever in speech and, sometimes, a bit double minded. The Sun injects high ambition, leadership quality and a tendency to lose temper quickly. In her horoscope, the Sun is placed in the house of luck along with lagna lord Mercury to form the most auspicious ‘BudhAditya Yog’ to give her an upper hand and top most political power in life. She is having a very powerful Jupiter, placed in His own sign Sagittarius, in the house of social reputation, to bless her with the ability to command over masses with ease.

Placement of exulted Venus in the house of career and profession is another assertive point in her horoscope because as Venus being the lord of fifth house occupying the tenth house in its exaltation, is a very strong ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’ and because of this very auspicious Yog in her horoscope she went for acting career in the beginning of her life and became very much popular among common people. Another powerful wealth producing combination is present in her horoscope that is association of the Moon and planet Mars together in the house of courage and efforts, to bless her in accumulating ample amount of wealth in her life. The Moon represents our mind and planet Mars gives courage. So, she will be able to take bold decisions in her life without daring at all.

The auspicious aspect of Jupiter on the Moon and Mars is another blessings in her horoscope to keep her unbeatable in the race of life, whether is it film industry or political ground. Another interesting aspect of this ‘Chandra-Mangal Yog’ is that the Moon is the lord of house of accumulated wealth and planet Mars is the ruler of income house. In our Vedic Astrology it is said that whichever house planet Saturn occupies increases the result of that house. In the birth chart of Jayalalitha Saturn rules the house of luck and occupying the house of speech and wealth to bless her with plenty of wealth of various kind. Her huge collection of costly saree and sandal are well known to us and has made news all over the country.

Main period of Jupiter has started in her horoscope from August 2012 to let her regain her lost ground in the political arena of Tamilnadu. Sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Jupiter is on from October 2014 to continue till April 2017 to let her go slow but steady in her career front. Currently sub-sub period of the Moon is operational from March 2016 till June 2016. This period is favourable for her to compete and win the battle of assembly election in the state. So, the chance of winning this election for Jayalalitha is high.


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