Saturday, 30 April 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Sunrisers Hyderabad v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore

Today’s second 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between the teams of Hyderabad and Bangalore at Hyderabad. This match is going to be a one-sided play as Hyderabad team is seen to be manipulating the match in their favour. Planetary configurations are also indicating unexpected support to Hyderabad team to stay ahead of their rival team. Captain of team Hyderabad, David Warner, who is a native of Cancer Moon sign is having a favourable Moon in Capricorn sign which will ease his tasks on the field. For team Bangalore, a planet in the zodiac does not predict any spectacular happening so that they can become the game changer of this match. Skipper of Bangalore team, Virat Kohli, is born under Moon sign Virgo as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology and is influenced by intelligent planet Mercury to chalk out effective strategies on the field to counter the challenges successfully. Therefore, team Hyderabad is going to smile at the end of this match by snatching victory from their rival team Bangalore. Nevertheless since, cricket is one such game where a single ball can change the turn the table upside down

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Today’s first 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Delhi and Kolkata teams at Feroze Shah Kotla Cricket Ground, Delhi. Stars are not in an advantageous position for Delhi team today. Therefore, they are advised to put their best foot forward to counter their rival team Kolkata. Captain of team Delhi, Zaheer Khan, who is a native of Scorpio Moon sign as per Indian system of Vedic Astrology, his Moon sign lord Mars is moving in retrograde motion now-a-days through His own sign Scorpio. But association of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Mars in Scorpio sign is not going to play an assertive role for the advantage of Delhi team. Perfect coordination among players would be an asset for Kolkata team to leave their opponent team Delhi far behind and score well in spite of sheer pressure on the field. Skipper of Kolkata team Gautam Gambhir is an Arian native, as per Vedic Astrology, and a very strong Mars is going to bless them with perfect coordination on the pitch. At the end of this match Kolkata team will be able to snatch victory from Delhi team successfully. Nevertheless since, cricket is one such game where a single ball can change the turn the table upside down

Friday, 29 April 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Rising Pune Super Giants vs Gujarat Lions

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between the teams of Pune and Gujarat at Pune to decide the winner team of the day. Pune team is empowered with the blessings of the auspicious planet Mars, which is at present moving in retrograde motion through His own sign Scorpio in the cosmic council to take charge of this match from the very beginning and command over their rival team Gujarat as per their will. Captain of Pune team, MS Dhoni is born under the Moon sign Virgo, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology and intelligent planet Mercury is the ruler of this sign. Mercury has just adopted retrograde motion to turn the situation around. On the other hand, the influence of the planets in the cosmic council on the Gujarat team might not be very helpful in trying to supersede their rival team. As per astrological calculations team Gujarat is not seen in a comfortable position to counter their rival team successfully because planet Venus is influencing them and combustion of Venus recently is going to play a negative role for their winning this match. Skipper of Gujarat team Suresh Raina is a native of Virgo Moon sign, which is ruled by planet Mercury. Recently Mercury has adopted retrograde motion to put hurdles in their way of success at this moment. At this moment four planets are moving in retrograde motion in the zodiac to produce negative influence for team Gujarat. As a result of these planetary movements, it becomes evident that Pune team is going to become the winner of this match. Nevertheless since, cricket is one such game where a single ball can change the turn the table upside down

Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Mumbai and Kolkata teams at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Blessed with assertive vibrations from favourable planet Venus, Mumbai team is set to dominate today’s cricket match from the very beginning of the match. Strongly placed Venus is aspecting Her own sign Libra to inject skill and perfection among players of Mumbai team throughout the match. Skipper of Mumbai team Rohit Sharma is born under Moon sign of Taurus, as per Hindu system of Vedic Astrology and Venus is the ruler of his Moon sign. Coincidentally, Venus is having the command of Mumbai team as well as their captain Rohit Sharma also to push them ahead and score a reasonably big number of runs for their rival team Kolkata. Opponent team Kolkata is under influence of retrograde Mars and placement of Mars in His own sign Scorpio is an assertive point for them. But the Moon in Sagittarius is receiving negative impact from Rahu to create confusion among players of Kolkata team. Although they are also seen giving equal fight to counter the challenges placed in front of them. But combustion of planet Mercury is not an assertive happening for the Kolkata team at this moment. Captain of Kolkata team Gautam Gambhir is a native of Aries Moon sign and ruler of this sign Mars is traveling in retrograde motion at this moment, which is not as assertive phenomena for him. Giving a tough fight to the end of this match, team Kolkata is seen surrendering before Mumbai team and they are going to become the winner of this match. Nevertheless since, cricket is one such game where a single ball can change the turn the table upside down

Six Planets in Retrogression - A Unique Astrological Event!

The retrogression of the six planets together is a very rare astrological phenomenon. On 28 April, planet Mercury is going to assume retrograde motion at 22.56 pm, to join the club of retrograde planets, namely Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. This situation will continue till 9 May when Jupiter will start moving in direct motion in the zodiac. In general, a planet that is naturally auspicious tends to become inauspicious when it assumes retrograde motion in the zodiac. According to astrological theory, retrogression of Mercury and Jupiter is not considered to be an assertive event. On the other hand, Mars and Saturn, as it moves in the indirect motion, will deliver favourable results.

The planet Jupiter is moving through retrograde motion from 8 January, 10.10 am. Planet Saturn has started in indirect motion from 25 March, 15.31 pm. On 17 April, planet Mars is in retrograde motion from 17.43 pm. And now, planet Mercury will become retrograde on 28 April, at 22.56 pm at night to continue moving through indirect motion till 22 May, 18.49 pm. Invisible planets Rahu and Ketu always moves in retrograde motion in the zodiac. The most auspicious planet Jupiter will finally become direct on 9 May at 17.44 pm. When this unique astrological event will occur, it will put an end to the 6 planet retrogression leaving behind only 5 planets. From 22nd May, Mercury will move in the direct motion. Till the 30th May 2016, out of the 6 planets, only four planets will remain in retrogression. From 30 June to 13 August only three planets will remain in indirect motion as Saturn will assume direct motion on this day at 15.20 pm.

It has been indicated that unpredictable and unusual things might happen during the period from 28 April to 9 May because of this very uncommon celestial occurence in the sky. Natural calamities like, earthquake, landslide, tsunami could strike during this period to cause huge loss of assets as well as manpower. Epidemic of some rare kind could erupt to put a big question mark before mankind at this phase. Major accident or mishap in water is quiet possible because of placement of retrograde Mars and Saturn together in watery sign Scorpio. Sinking of big ship is also possible to give huge damage or financial loss to people. People should indulge into religious activities as much as possible. Performing Jaap, Paath, Hawan etc. to pray to God might help in reducing the negative impact of this unique and unusual transit of planets.

Special Prediction - Combusted Venus: Will it Affect Your Love Life?

Aries – Dear Arian the combustion of Venus indicates lack of materialistic comforts. You might even experience mental tensions in trying to fulfill the needs of your family. Coordination with soul mate might be less satisfactory. Ups and downs are seen in your love life. Therefore you are advised to remain calm and patient. Working professionals are advised to take care of their responsibilities and are advised to postpone any kind of changes for the time being. Businessmen are advised to check the documents and papers properly while finalizing a deal. Do not get lured by attractive offers. Be careful in matters related to financial transactions. Students will have to put in extra effort while seeking for their desired institutions. Pay attention to your health.

Taurus – Dear Taurean, the combustion of Venus indicates you to take care of your health. You are also advised to be cautious while dealing in sale and purchase of items. Lack in self confidence and enthusiasm is also seen. If you are planning to start any new venture then you are advised to postpone it for the time being. As far as work and business are concerned, time will remain as usual. The pace of progress will increase. However, you are advised to be careful while taking new decisions. Avoid interfering in others problems. Students will reap the benefits of their efforts. Where love life is concerned, ups and downs are seen. Time is normal for family life.

Gemini – Dear Geminian the combustion of Venus indicates lack in materialistic comforts and lifestyle but only for a short period of time. Despite some obstacles, time will remain favourable for work and business. At work, you will be able to meet all the challenges that come your way. However, you are advised to avoid taking the wrong decisions at the behest of others. Students will get their desired results. But delay is seen in their effort to get into their desired institutions. Parents are advised to take care of their children. You might be unsatisfied in your love and family life. Things will improve with time.

Cancer – Dear Cancerian, the combustion of Venus indicates lack of self confidence in your appearance. Negative thoughts might take the better of you. But your wisdom will help you in taking control of the situation. At work, your sub ordinates might stand against you. The pace of work will remain normal. Unemployed will have to wait for new opportunities. Delay in getting back your loan might worry you. take the help of a third person to minimize the distance is love relationship. Students are advised to value their time and take care of the health of their dear ones.

Leo – Dear Leo, the combustion of Venus indicates you to put in extra effort to maintain your social reputation, new contacts and relationship with influential people. Your plans to invest in properties and vehicles will be finally fulfilled. However avoid being hasty. You will not face any problem in implementing new ideas. Working professionals might face some issues related to finances. Avoid taking loans more than you need. Avoid being anxious in regard to your education. Results will be in your favour. Improvement is seen in your love relationship. Do not pay attention to rumours.

Virgo – Dear Virgoan, the combustion of Venus indicates lethargy and fury in your behavior which might lead to minor quarrels with your neighbours. Try to remain calm and patient. Matters related to property, land and vehicles will be delayed. Avoid taking any kind of risk at work. Businessmen are advised to consult with experts before making any huge investments. time is favourable for education. ups and downs are seen in your love and married life. However, things will begin to improve only with time.

Libra – Dear Libran, the combustion of Venus indicates you to avoid relying anything in favour of luck to avoid disappointment. Family peace might not be satisfactory. You might crave for materialistic comforts. You are advised to avoid taking loans to fulfill your desire. You might experience irritation in your behavior. Be wise. Ups and downs are seen in your work and business. However your source of income will remain intact. Avoid thinking about change in your job for the time being. Time will remain moderate for your love life and education.

Scorpio – Dear Scorpio, the combustion of Venus indicates tensions in family life, instability, financial issues and decrease in your social reputation. In many situations you will face the angst of your dear ones. However, your soul mate will support you wholly. As far as work and business is concerned, you might have to put in extra effort to get the smallest task done. Avoid being hasty while dealing with financial transactions. Invest only in the area of your expertise. Education will remain satisfactory. Take care of your health.

Sagittarius – Dear Sagittarian, the combustion of Venus indicates anger, stubbornness, lethargy, and other health related issues. Your desire for materialistic comforts might be fulfilled if you pursue it. However, avoid taking loans for the purpose. Working professionals will not face any problems during this period. For businessmen, certain ups and downs are seen to come their way. Be careful while making investments. To keep your rivals at bay, avoid sharing any details about your plans until it is implemented. Do not let any third person in your relationship. Rely on your wisdom.

Capricorn – Dear Capricornian, the combustion of Venus indicates some minor difficulties in following your daily schedule. Your inability to start any work on time will increase your mental tensions. You are advised to be prepared about the forthcoming situations. Unimportant expenditure is seen in your effort to fulfill your materialistic desire. Working professionals are advised to take their work seriously. Change in job is seen to come your way. As far as financial transactions are concerned, carry out only those that are required.  Time is seen to be moderate for students. Your love life and family life will remain pleasurable. However you might harbor a secret fear within. Try to remain and calm.

Aquarius – Dear aquarian, the combustion of Venus indicates moderate pleasure in life. Avoid taking any decisions at the verge of your emotions. Despite your efforts, delay in achieving materialistic comfort is seen. Any issues related to ancestral properties will be sorted out. Avoid starting any big task just by relying on luck. Working professionals are advised to continue doing their work diligently. Check the documents properly before closing any new deal. Students are advised to pay attention to their studies and to avoid spending time on unimportant things. Improvement in love relationship is seen but after some time.

Pisces – Dear Piscean, the combustion of Venus indicates you to remain sober in your behavior to protect your social reputation. Avoid investing in land, property and vehicle for the time being. For working professionals, time is seen to be moderate. Income will meet their expenses. You are advised to take care at work and to avoid giving irresponsible answers. The health of a dear one might worry you. Time is normal for students. As far as love relationship is concerned, take care of each others sentiments.