Thursday, 28 April 2016

Six Planets in Retrogression - A Unique Astrological Event!

The retrogression of the six planets together is a very rare astrological phenomenon. On 28 April, planet Mercury is going to assume retrograde motion at 22.56 pm, to join the club of retrograde planets, namely Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. This situation will continue till 9 May when Jupiter will start moving in direct motion in the zodiac. In general, a planet that is naturally auspicious tends to become inauspicious when it assumes retrograde motion in the zodiac. According to astrological theory, retrogression of Mercury and Jupiter is not considered to be an assertive event. On the other hand, Mars and Saturn, as it moves in the indirect motion, will deliver favourable results.

The planet Jupiter is moving through retrograde motion from 8 January, 10.10 am. Planet Saturn has started in indirect motion from 25 March, 15.31 pm. On 17 April, planet Mars is in retrograde motion from 17.43 pm. And now, planet Mercury will become retrograde on 28 April, at 22.56 pm at night to continue moving through indirect motion till 22 May, 18.49 pm. Invisible planets Rahu and Ketu always moves in retrograde motion in the zodiac. The most auspicious planet Jupiter will finally become direct on 9 May at 17.44 pm. When this unique astrological event will occur, it will put an end to the 6 planet retrogression leaving behind only 5 planets. From 22nd May, Mercury will move in the direct motion. Till the 30th May 2016, out of the 6 planets, only four planets will remain in retrogression. From 30 June to 13 August only three planets will remain in indirect motion as Saturn will assume direct motion on this day at 15.20 pm.

It has been indicated that unpredictable and unusual things might happen during the period from 28 April to 9 May because of this very uncommon celestial occurence in the sky. Natural calamities like, earthquake, landslide, tsunami could strike during this period to cause huge loss of assets as well as manpower. Epidemic of some rare kind could erupt to put a big question mark before mankind at this phase. Major accident or mishap in water is quiet possible because of placement of retrograde Mars and Saturn together in watery sign Scorpio. Sinking of big ship is also possible to give huge damage or financial loss to people. People should indulge into religious activities as much as possible. Performing Jaap, Paath, Hawan etc. to pray to God might help in reducing the negative impact of this unique and unusual transit of planets.


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