Thursday, 31 March 2016

Match Prediction: SemiFinal2 – India v/s West Indies: T20 World Cup

 The second semi final match for 20-20 World Cup will be played between India and West Indies teams at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Today’s match will be very crucial for team India because which team will enter the final match will be decided precisely based on the result of this match.

 As per the situation of the planets, the stars are seen to be favourable for team India and encourage the team to deliver a good performance in the pitch. The retrogression of Saturn is another blessing in disguise for Team India. This might in fact help the team to lead the game. For team West Indies, the association of Rahu with retrograde Juiter might have a negative influence on the performance of the Team.

The presence of Rahu might create confusion and lack of co ordination which might weaken the stance of the team. Team India is seen on a more advantageous position. So wait and watch with your fingers crossed!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Match Prediction: Aus Vs Bangladesh: Clash of Titans: WT20

Today’s Twenty20 Cricket match is going to be played between Australia and Bangladesh teams at Bengaluru. 

At the time of beginning of this match Virgo rising will be there in the eastern horizon and its lord planet Mercury is placed in the sign of Jupiter with the Sun. This combination of the planets indicates a favorable situation for Team Australia from the beginning of the match.

Opponent team Bangladesh is under influence of planet Jupiter. Being the most auspicious planet, Jupiter is with Moon occupying Leo sign with Rahu, to make the match more challenging for Bangladesh team play. At the end of the match, lady luck is seen smiling towards team Australia.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Match Prediction:Battle of The Year- India Vs Pak- WT20-2016

Once again, India and Pakistan are all set to lock each other’s horns in the field of Eden Gardens today, at the Twenty20 World Cup Cricket Tournament.

At the time of the beginning of this match, Virgo ascendant is seen rising in the sky and Mercury, ruler of this sign is in occupation of the 7th house which indicates a tough situation for team India to prove their credibility on the pitch. 

Rahu along with retrograde Jupiter is seen to be present in the Leo sign which help in creating communication as well as coordination between the players. This will be helpful in improving their performance and skills as a team. Taking advantage of the situation, team Pakistan will try their level best to steal the show but team India will hold on to its stance.