Thursday, 19 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Gujarat Lions v/s Kolkata Knight Riders

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League will be played between Gujarat and Kolkata teams at Green Park, Kanpur. Team Gujarat is under influence of planet Mars and retrograde motion of planet Mars is not going to be an assertive point for team Gujarat in today’s match. Moreover, association of retrograde Mars with the slowest moving planet of the universe, Saturn, could make them slow in actions and performances also. Placement of the Moon in Libra sign is not an assertive phenomenon for team Gujarat today. As per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, skipper of team Gujarat Suresh Raina is a native of Virgo Moon sign and its lord Mercury is receiving negative aspect of Rahu to keep him away from right decisions at the right point of time on the field. Mercury is transitting alone in retrograde motion in the zodiac to leave further negative impact for team Gujarat in today’s match. Rival team Kolkata is being influenced by planet Venus and entrance of planet Venus in Her own sign Taurus, today, is going to impact strongly on the players of team Kolkata. Coming out of the negative aspect of Rahu is going to help planet Venus to shower Her blessings aplenty on team Kolkata to win this match without much hurdles. Captain of Kolkata team Gautam Gambhir is a native of Aries sign and the most auspicious planet of the zodiac, Jupiter and the Moon, are aspecting Aries sign to bless Gautam Gambhir with favourable situations in the field to score high and create pressure on the nerves of the players of opponent team Gujarat. As a result of these favourable planetary influences team Kolkata might be able to win today’s match with ease.


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