Monday, 16 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Kolkata Knight Riders v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League will be played between Kolkata and Bangalore team at Eden Garden, Kolkata. Team Kolkata is under the influence of retrograde Mars to ignite full enthusiasm and zeal among players of the team. Sun, the Planet of success is also aspecting retrograde Mars which is empowering  the team to face challenges on the pitch successfully. Skipper of Kolkata team, Gautam Gambhir is a native of Aries Moon sign according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology and its lord planet Mars is travelling very powerfully through retrograde motion in the cosmic council of planets to keep him on the right path to defeat their rival team. Presence of the Moon in Virgo sign in today’s transit will be an added advantage for Gautam Gambhir as well as Kolkata team to keep the rival team at bay. Opponent team Bangalore is being influenced by planet Venus and the combust state of Venus is inadequate for team Bangalore to counter the actions and reactions on the pitch. Captain of team Bangalore Virat Kohli’s Moon sign is Virgo and ruler of Virgo sign planet Mercury is also transiting in combust condition as well as retrograde motion in the sky which is not a good indication for team Bangalore’s favour. Although presence of the Moon in Virgo sign today might instigate Virat Kohli to motivate his team members to play well and reply the challenges in front of them, but at the end of this match chances are bright for Kolkata team to snatch victory from their rival team and become the winner of the day.


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