Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Kings XI Punjab

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League will be played between Bangalore and Punjab teams at Bengaluru. Team Bangalore is under the influence of retrograde Mars and planet Mars is occupying His own sign Scorpio alongwith retrograde Saturn to strengthen team spirit and will power of the players of team Bangalore to help them to stay ahead of their rival team Punjab on the field. Captain of team Bangalore Virat Kohli is a native of Virgo Moon sign according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology and ruler of Virgo sign planet Mercury has just came out of combustion to become stronger and increase the power of Virat Kohli as well as other players of team Bangalore to perform their best possible skills during this match. Auspicious most planet Jupiter is also there placed in Leo sign to help team Bangalore score well and leave their rival team far behind of them. On the other hand, team Punjab is having influence of planet Venus and combust condition of planet Venus is indicating less favour for team Punjab to compete appropriately on the pitch. Aspect of Rahu on planet Venus is again another negative happening for team Punjab in today’s transit. Skipper of team Punjab Murali Vijay’s Moon sign is Pisces and lord of Pisces sign planet Jupiter is transitting with Rahu in the zodiac to offer less result for his hard work on the field. As a result it is becoming evident that team Bangalore would have an upper hand on their opponent team Punjab and snatch victory from them with ease in this cricket match.


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