Friday, 6 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Sunrisers Hyderabad v/s Gujarat Lions

Today’s 20-20 Cricket League Tournament will be played between Hyderabad and Gujarat teams at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad. Team Gujarat is under the influence of planet Mars and its retrograde motion is making them more powerful and determined to put their best foot forward and defeat their rival team successfully. Captain of team Hyderabad David Warner is born with Cancer Moon sign according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology and his Moon sign is ruled by the Moon herself to show his best performance in today’s match. Although transit of four planets, the Sun, the Moon, retrograde and combust Mercury and Venus in Aries sign today is predicting tough competition to defeat rival team Gujarat but as because Aries sign is also ruled by planet Mars, then the possibility increases manyfold for Hyderabad team to win this match. Opponent team Gujarat is under influence of planet Venus and Venus is combust in transit and thus, in a less powerful position to help Gujarat team to sustain before challenges before them. Skipper of Gujarat team Suresh Raina is a native of Virgo Moon sign and lord of Virgo sign Mercury is moving in retrograde motion and is combust because of proximity to the Sun in the zodiac. Association of four planets in Aries sign is not an assertive phenomena in the sky and as a result this match might go out of their clutch and Hyderabad team might emerge as the winner of this match. 


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