Friday, 6 May 2016

Life Prediction: Will Mamata Banerjee Wear the Crown of Victory?

Sagittarius ascendant was rising in the eastern horizon and the Moon was in Taurus sign when Mamata Banerjee was born in Kolkata. Both the signs are famous for their tendency to dominate others and it is next to impossible to convince the native of these two signs. Planet Jupiter and Venus are the ruling planets of these two signs, respectively. Jupiter makes one straightforward, helpful and short tempered. Venus gives impartial nature, abilities to weigh pros and cones properly and a nature of creating one’s own path in life. Natives of these signs are never like to follow anyone in their life. Didi has the Sun and Mercury present in her ascendant and this is a very powerful ‘Raaj Yog’ in the norms of Astrology.

The Sun is the ruler of her house of luck to help her rise in life against all odds. Association of the Sun and Mercury is called ‘BudhAditya Yog’ in our astrological terms. Sagittarius is a fiery sign and the Sun is also a fiery planet. But Rahu is also present there in her ascendant with the Sun and Mercury that makes her highly unpredictable. Sometimes Rahu pushes her towards illogical decisions and tries to cloud her mind with irrational thoughts. Some of the impractical actions and steps taken by her are probably because of influence of Rahu only. Mercury is the significator of intelligence and influence of Rahu on Mercury could make one prone to haphazard activities, sometimes. Her ascendant lord Jupiter is occupying Cancer sign where Jupiter becomes exulted, means very powerful but this Jupiter in retrograde also in her horoscope.

Direct influence of Jupiter on her second house of speech by seventh aspect, makes her an eloquent speaker and her words would have much influence over masses. She has the ability to command huge number of people with her speech and vocabulary capacities. Planet of courage and leadership qualities, Mars is ideally placed in her third house in Aquarius sign to make her fearless and a successful political personality. Second house lord Saturn is also perfectly placed in the house of income in Libra sign, where Saturn becomes exulted. This Saturn is responsible for her long term career both in national level as well as state level of politics. The Moon is occupying the sixth house, which is eventually Taurus sign, where the Moon becomes exulted and most powerful.

Placement of the lord of eighth house lord in the sixth house forms a ‘Veepreet Raaj Yog’ which is another assertive point in the horoscope of Didi. As per astrological rules, when an inauspicious house lord occupies another inauspicious house, it becomes an auspicious result-giving planet. Indian Classical Astrology rules predict this ‘Veepreet Raaj Yog’ as a very powerful tool to acquire position in government bodies and key positions in the machinery of the country. In the horoscope of Didi, Venus is also forming a ‘Veepreet Raaj Yog’, by being the lord of sixth house and placed in the twelfth house in Scorpio sign. Aspect of exulted Moon and Jupiter is there on Venus to make this ‘Veepreet Raaj Yog’ stronger and help Didi to retain her position, obviously.

Presently, Didi is running under the influence of main period of Saturn and sub period of Venus is operational from the beginning of this year. This sub period of Venus will continue till March 2019, which is an advantageous antar dasha i.e., sub period for her. Moreover, Jupiter, currently in Leo sign in transit, is also throwing His auspicious and blessed aspect to the house of profession in the horoscope of Didi.  So, the possibility of her becoming the chief minister of West Bengal, again, seems strong with good majority during this assembly election.


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