Sunday, 15 May 2016

Exclusive Cricket Prediction: Mumbai Indians v/s Delhi Daredevils

Today’s first 20-20 Cricket League will be played between Mumbai and Delhi teams at IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali. Team Mumbai is under the influence of planet Mercury and retrograde motion of planet Mercury is reducing the power of Mercury that is required to compete at per on the field. In addition to retrograde motion, Mercury is in combust state also due to close proximity with the Sun in the zodiac, which is another negative aspect for team Mumbai. Skipper of Mumbai team Rohit Sharma, whose Moon sign is Taurus as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, is not getting sufficient reinforcement from its lord Venus due to combustion of Venus in transit. This planetary configuration is not going to favour team Mumbai during today’s match. They are supposed to put much effort sincerely to stand the challenges on the field. Opponent team Delhi is being positively influenced by planet Jupiter to inject positive energy among the players of entire team to score well and put their rival team far behind. The Moon has just joined Jupiter in transit to form most auspicious ‘GajKeshri Yog’ that will be an assertive point for team Delhi to perform well in today’s match. Captain of Delhi team Zaheer Khan is a native of Scorpio Moon sign as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology and its lord planet Mars is very strongly transitting through His own sign Scorpio itself to let Zaheer Khan inspire the whole team to perform well and score high to become the winner of this match.


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