Sunday, 3 March 2013

Do Mukhi Rudraksha!!

This bead represents Lord ArdhaNarishwar, presence of Bhagwan and Bhagwati in a single body. It is used for making one free from the sin of cow slaughter. In Vedas it is written that, “only by seeing it a person will get benefit”. A two mukhi Rudraksha can bring unity around you, increases possibility of getting a single person married, blessed with sound physical health, enhancement in relationships with one and all. This bead often uplifts the status of worshipper and one gets blessings of Lord Shiva.

Properly energized Rudraksha bead generates tremendous amount of positive energy in the body. Rudraksha have spiritual power to improve communication. It inspires the mind and enhances the intelligence of the wearer. Rudraksha beads are heavily used by the one who meditates to acquire the power of intuition. offers a wide variety of energized Rudrakshas. The Rudraksha being provided to you has been, during a special purifying and energizing puja, performed by renowned priests who are qualified to perform such an elaborate ritual and recite the appropriate mantras to energize your Rudraksha with the powers of the relevant, residing deity.

On a most auspicious day or as told by your personal astrologer, wash it with ganga jal or panchamrit.

Mantra for Rudraksha


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