Monday, 11 February 2013

Knowledge series on Gemstones- Cat's Eye or Lahsunia

Cats' Eye or Lahsuniya is the stone assigned for the planet Ketu. Ketu governs will power and talent in any person. If any one found lacking these qualities, then cat’s eye is suggested to wear. This stone makes a person religious and God fearing also. This stone helps to develop diplomatic qualities in a person. Bhagwan Krishna used to wear Vaidurya Mani (Cat’s Eye) to enhance his influential personality. 

Lahsuniya comes in grey and golden color and is an opaque one. The golden cat’s eye is called ‘Kanak Kheti Lehsuniya’ and is rarely available. It looks like the eye of a cat. That’s why it is named like this. 

In case of paralysis in any part of the body or health problems related to nervous system of our body, insomnia, mental disorder cat’s eye shows significant results to improve situation satisfactorily. For artists and those work in creative field it helps to improve and increase imagination as well as creativity also.


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