Monday, 18 February 2013

Retrogression of Exulted Saturn for zodiac sign Leo

LeoSaturn is not considered to be an auspicious planet for the natives of Leo sign. Saturn rules the house of struggle and diseases for those who are born under Leo sign. In addition to this, Saturn maintains an inimical relationship with the Sun, who governs the sign Leo. 

At this point of time, Saturn is traveling through the house of efforts and younger brother sisters to provide favorable results for them. But assumption of retrograde motion from 18 February is not going to be a positive happening for the natives of Leo sign. 

Your efforts may not reap desired results to pull your moral down up to a certain extent. Association of Rahu with Saturn may make you restless and provoke you for making fruitless efforts. Try to remain calm at this point of time and avoid being aggressive with anything.


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