Monday, 25 February 2013

Retrogression of exulted Saturn for zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces – Transit of very powerful Saturn through your eighth house is not considered to be an auspicious event for natives of Pisces sign. In south India, it is called ‘Kantaka Shani’ and considered negative for materialistic growth and prosperity of the native. But assumption of retrograde motion by exulted Saturn on 18 February will prove to be beneficial for your ventures.

 Hindrances will come to an end and you will get opportunities to explore new horizons and make profitable deals in terms of serious business activities. Chances of going abroad will be brighter for your delight. Association of Rahu with Saturn warn you about use of appropriate words at appropriate moments to reduce negative impact on your balance sheet. 

Your sign lord Jupiter will throw his divine aspect to your house of luck as well as income to keep you in favorable position as far as earning money is concerned.

Effective period 18th Feb 2013 to 08th July 2013
25th Feb 2013, 


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